Welcome to the Ipswich Hospital School

About the Ipswich Hospital School

The Ipswich Hospital School is a satellite of Raedwald Trust. It provides education for pupils who are in-patients on the paediatric wards of The Ipswich Hospital.

We work closely with the multi-professional team and the patients’ schools to ensure that the pupils’ education is disrupted as little as possible during their stay on the ward. We also help to facilitate the pupils’ reintegration to their home schools.

Our vision is for our children and young people to enjoy their education, be resilient and productive, make positive connections and achieve their full potential whilst they attend our Hospital School. Working together with our medical teams, we will ensure that we identify and support the mental health and wellbeing needs of our young people and their families, enabling resilient and life-long learners. We believe that no child should suffer isolation as a result of their physical and/or mental health need and will do all we can by choosing the best approaches, including using remote technologies if appropriate, to support them.