Welcome to First Base Bury St Edmunds Academy

Welcome to First Base Bury St Edmunds Academy

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When a child is experiencing ongoing social, emotional and behavioural difficulties and everyone involved has tried a number of ways to help (perhaps involving other agencies) then the pupil referral unit route is the best response. When we receive a referral we identify a Keyworker and this person works with the child, education staff and parents or carers.

This work takes place in the school, at home and in centre for a fixed period of time.  Children would attend their mainstream school for three days a week, and come to us in centre for two days.

This approach allows First Base Bury St Edmunds Academy and the school to work together to give the child a personalised curriculum that supports both their learning needs as well as their emotional and behavioural needs.

The outcome of this approach should always be that a child returns full time to their mainstream school, as a happy and successful learner.

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