Welcome to First Base Bury St Edmunds Academy

Welcome to First Base Bury St Edmunds Academy

Christmas Holiday COVID Notification Expectations and Associated Date Changes

CHANGE OF DATE: Friday 18th December – SCHOOL CLOSED

On 8th December, the Department for Education (DfE) declared that if schools stayed open until Friday 18th December then school leaders may have to communicate isolation decisions to families up to and including Christmas Eve.  As a result, the DfE decided to announce that schools could close to pupils a day early and make Friday 18th December an INSET Day.

All Raedwald Trust schools will be taking up this option.   This means that our previously published INSET Day on 12th February 2021 will be cancelled and will now be a normal school day.  We hope that this action will reduce the risk of lots of people having to isolate over the Christmas holiday.  It also means that if we are unfortunate enough to have to isolate pupils or staff, they should know by Wednesday 23rd December at the latest, so that families’ Christmas Bubble arrangements can be changed and elderly relatives are not put at further risk.

I am aware that this may impact on some people’s working arrangements and we are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Even though our schools will be closed to pupils over the Christmas break, it is important that if your child develops symptoms within 48 hours of being at school (i.e. before end of the day on Saturday 19th December) and subsequently tests positive for COVID-19, you should contact the Raedwald Trust by emailing covid@raedwaldtrust.org and a member of Raedwald TrustTeam will contact you to discuss next steps. This email address will be checked regularly up until late afternoon on Wednesday 23rd December.

If your child develops symptoms on or after Sunday 20th December, you DO NOT need to contact the school.

You must, however, follow the directions you are given by NHS Test and Trace.

If your child is required to isolate during the Christmas holiday and this means that they will not be able to return to school on Tuesday 5th January, please phone the school on Monday 4th January to make us aware of their predicted return date.

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When a child is experiencing ongoing social, emotional and behavioural difficulties and everyone involved has tried a number of ways to help (perhaps involving other agencies) then the pupil referral unit route is the best response. When we receive a referral we identify a Keyworker and this person works with the child, education staff and parents or carers.

This work takes place in the school, at home and in centre for a fixed period of time.  Children would attend their mainstream school for three days a week, and come to us in centre for two days.

This approach allows First Base Bury St Edmunds Academy and the school to work together to give the child a personalised curriculum that supports both their learning needs as well as their emotional and behavioural needs.

The outcome of this approach should always be that a child returns full time to their mainstream school, as a happy and successful learner.

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