Our Pathways

Our Pathways

In response to the SEND Green paper and to ensure alignment with the wider National Strategy for developing a common framework from which AP/PRU support will operate, our pathways will be mapped in line with a system of tiered support described within the SEND and AP Green paper as: 

– targeted support in mainstream schools for children and young people whose needs lead to behaviour that disrupts theirs or others’ learning, but for whom a strong school behaviour culture is alone not sufficient. For example, through ‘on call’ advice for mainstream schools, coaching, delivering self-regulation classes for small groups, or one-to-one support –

– time-limited placements in alternative provision for those who need more intensive support to address behaviour or anxiety and re-engage in learning. Schools should use their powers of off-site direction, ensuring that children and young people are dual registered and are supported to return to their original school as soon as is appropriate –

– transitional placements for those children and young people who will not return to their previous school but will be supported to make the transition to a different school when they are ready, or to a suitable post-16 destination. Alternative provision schools will support these children and young people to recover as much academic progress as possible and have the skills and confidence to thrive in what they do next.’

SEND and AP green paper: responding to the consultation, 29th March 2022

 Targeted Support – Tier 1: Our pathways that support pupils either directly in their mainstream setting or through the wider support provided through our weekly Outreach input, available on all SCC commissioned PRU pathways. 

Time-limited Support – Tier 2: Our pathways that offer short-term and temporary, fractional placements, between a PRU and mainstream school.   

Transitional Support – Tier 3: Our pathways offering longer and more targeted support to help pupils either return to a new mainstream school following permanent exclusion or on to a suitable post-16 destination. 

The Raedwald Trust Pathway Offer 

The vision for our pupils:

  • Our pupils will learn through a broad and balanced curriculum which offers them the opportunity to make connections between what they learn and real-life contexts.
  • The curriculum centres around providing pupils with memorable and exciting opportunities that will re-engage them with learning and promote a sense of curiosity in the world around them.
  • Every pupil will achieve success through a carefully tailored curriculum that builds confidence and promotes a sense of pride in pupils’ learning.
  • Our curriculum will ensure that character development and social and emotional aspects of learning are highly valued and underpin all learning, both in school and through off-site education.

Our commitment to pupils:

  • Every pupil will be taught a high-quality diet of subjects that ensure every pupil is accessing statutory requirements through a pathway that is appropriate to their needs.
  • Every pupil will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of rich activities to promote cultural development.
  • Every pupil will be taught the importance of living healthily and how they can positively engage with aspects of lifestyle such as diet, exercise and well-being.
  • Every pupil will have access to exciting and personalised off-site learning which builds on personal development targets and fosters an interest in the wider world.
  • Every pupil will be treated as unique and their daily diet of learning experiences will be designed to add value to all aspects of their personal growth and to help them fulfil their potential.

Raedwald Trust Pathways Webinar 29.09.2021