About Us

About Us

The Raedwald Trust takes seriously its commitment to driving continuous improvement in a climate of high expectation.  As a Trust we expect the best of our entire community: ourselves, our academies, and our pupils.  Our Ethical Accountability Framework sets out the processes and procedures we apply to secure our goals.

Ethical Accountability Framework 2018-2019

Mission and Principles

Higher expectations; Higher Aspirations; Higher Achievement

Quality: Our Trust is relentlessly focused on improvement and driven by a curriculum led model of planning that allows our young people a new start, new opportunities to succeed

People: Our pupils and their families are at the heart of what we do, driving inspirational bespoke learning pathways

Innovation: we work to innovate within an ever changing society, and fulfil the needs of our individual young people. Our staff ‘think out of the box’ and instigate radical approaches to learning

Community: Our colleagues and partners share our passion for achieving exceptional outcomes for our young people: we work together to support our young people into being productive members of the communities in which they live

As a Trust, we value individuality, inclusivity, and innovation: our core principles are delivered through our key characteristics. These principles form the basis of our Trust Wide planning. These are:

1. Enabling inspirational leadership and management

2. Delivering high quality learning experiences

3. Securing safe and energising learning environments

4. Empowering supportive, skilled and nurturing staff

5. Forging focused partnerships and collaborations benefiting pupil outcomes

The Raedwald Trust was created with the determination to improve outcomes for children and young people who are unable to access education in mainstream education settings and require personalised, bespoke, education in an alternative setting. With the needs of our pupils and their families at the centre of our planning, we use our collective knowledge in working with vulnerable learners to deliver exceptional education, every hour of every day.

The Raedwald Trust is committed to collaborative convergence and invests in partnerships to strengthen and extend impact. We provide the leadership and direction for schools and academies within our localities through a menu of training and professional development programmes. We also work together with other providers of alternative education across the country through our national networking activities, particularly in the area of research led innovation. The Raedwald Trust understands the crucial significance of being open to ideas.

The Raedwald Trust celebrates that its improvement strategy will never be static; rather that it will deliberately and consciously evolve to meet the needs of pupils, and a relentless drive for higher standards. Transparency, flexibility and reciprocity define our systems. We know that working as a whole makes us more than the sum of our component parts.