Welcome to St. Christopher’s Academy

Welcome to St. Christopher’s Academy

At St. Christopher’s Academy we provide a nurturing environment which supports the whole child. Staff work tirelessly to build and maintain positive relationships with pupils and their families.  Working alongside mainstream schools, families and any relevant professionals we seek to enable our pupils to return to education through bespoke learning programme offers and move onto their next provision, mainstream or specialist as appropriate. Pupils who attend our school will have an EHCP or we will be contributing towards an EHCNA.

Our core values of resilience, respect, engagement, success and reflection underpin our practice and promote what we do at St. Christopher’s Academy; the children are an integral part of this process.  With support, children become adept at both recognising and meeting these core values, meeting their targets and experiencing success in weekly achievement reviews.

St. Christopher’s Academy strives to ensure pupils have the opportunity to develop inside the classroom while also accessing a broad range of extracurricular activities. Currently we offer off site learning and Thrive activities such as Forest Schools, Deben Care Farm, Horse riding and a bespoke P.E. curriculum.  These sessions develop self-esteem, confidence and engagement.  Please have a look at our full curriculum offer in order to see everything we do.

St. Christopher’s Academy

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Email: adminstchristophers@raedwaldtrust.org

St. Christopher's Academy