MNIS Suffolk

MNIS Suffolk Phase 1

Do you want to make dynamic improvements in the way pupils with medical needs are taught in your school?

Is your school compliant with statutory guidance for supporting children with medical needs?

Would you like more access to medical support for your vulnerable learners?

Would you like free access to Mental Health First Aid training?

Would you like free access to medical workshops delivered by sector leading clinicians?

Would you like to be part of something exciting and amazing?

Of course the answer to these questions will be yes! 

MNIS Suffolk Launch Event - 8th October 2020

Schools that have signed up to MNIS Suffolk:

  • Albany PRU
  • Barrow Primary School
  • Bungay Primary School
  • Chelmodiston Primary School
  • Claydon High School
  • Claydon Primary School
  • Copleston High School
  • Dell Primary School
  • Gorseland Primary School
  • Hadleigh High School
  • Handford Hall Primary School
  • Ilketshall St Lawrence Primary School
  • Kyson Primary School
  • Mildenhall College Academy
  • Orford Primary School
  • Paradigm Trust
  • Ranelagh Primary School
  • Rose Hill Primary School
  • Sebert Wood Primary School
  • Springfield Infants Primary School
  • St Mary’s CoE Primary School
  • Stowupland High School
  • The Oaks Primary School
  • Westbourne Academy

Training is led and delivered jointly by colleagues from the Raedwald Trust serving as MNIS-Suffolk alongside MNIS-Oxon.

We are committed to supporting Children with Medical Needs in Suffolk and beyond.

Schools that commit to the project will receive the following benefits for FREE.

  • Full programme of training on statutory guidance to ensure compliance with DfE and best practice guidance
  • Access to drop-in workshops e.g. anxiety, self-harm, pain management, eating disorders, writing IHPs etc.
  • Access to Toolkits explaining conditions giving practical ideas for supporting pupils/schools e.g. CFS, Chronic Pain, Anxiety.
  • Supporting Children with Medical Conditions manual (one copy per school).
  • Mental Health training – one member of staff per school trained as a Mental Health First Aider (£300 two day course form Mental Health England Accredited Trainer).
  • Mental Health Raising Awareness training – 15 members of staff half day training (2 x online twilight sessions).
  • A days audit from a MNIS rep who will go through the Self Evaluation Plan / Write Action Plan / Support and Evaluate Review.
  • Access to a MNIS rep whenever needed.
  • Benefit from a local and national network of partnership with schools, health professionals, hospital schools etc.

To register your interest or to find out more information – please contact