Pupil Committee

Pupil Committee

Our Vision:

Our vision is to ensure improved outcomes for children and young people through the creation of a Raedwald Trust Student Committee.  We will:

  • Provide a forum for essential collaboration, using our combined experiences, to sustain and develop school improvement in common activities and issues through pupil voice.
  • Provide a forum for individual student council representatives (from each Raedwald Trust site) to discuss individual school concerns, contributing to solutions at a Trust level.
  • Respect each school’s individual ethos, culture, values and identity.  Students will participate in committee meetings in the way which is most appropriate to their developmental and individual needs.
  • Recognise and aspire to excellence for each of our schools
  • Agree procedures and protocols within the group to ensure we have similar aspiration, ambition, expectation and standards in our schools.
  • Celebrate success across the Trust
  • Build cohesion, confidence and skills among our children and young people empowering them to influence whole Trust initiatives.


  • 1 pupil from each Raedwald Trust site
  • 1 member of staff from each Raedwald Trust site
  • Raedwald Trust Chair of Trustees

This group will be separate from individual Raedwald Trust Student Councils but will provide an avenue for student council members to communicate issues that are important at individual school level.


  • Termly meeting (3 meetings per year)
  • Raedwald Trust staff and Chair of Trustees will support pupils to engage in meetings and develop skills.
  • First meeting to be decided.