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Springboard Pathway

Overview of Springboard Pathway

Springboard Pathway: Across key stages 1, 2 and 3, this 12 week curriculum aims to deliver fundamental knowledge and skills in key areas of literacy and numeracy through a 2 day Raedwald Trust placement.  The curriculum is delivered through a Project Based approach and is derived directly from the EYFS profile and the National Curriculum up to the end of Key Stage 3. It is designed as a concentric curriculum where learning is revisited to enable progression and long term knowledge acquisition. Subject programmes of study span from EYFS to Year 9 objectives dependent on the age/stage at admission. Units of learning are led by a driving question posed to pupils. The curriculum is experiential and each unit has a trip, visitor or experience linked to the unit.

Example structure of the Springboard and Building Project Based curriculum at Key Stage 1:

Example structure of the Springboard and Building Project Based curriculum at Key Stage 2 and 3:

Within the Key Stage 1, 2 and 3 project based curriculum, each unit will be planned to last between 3 and 4 weeks, ensuring pupils are constantly re-engaged and that pupils who are new to the school have the opportunity to join at the beginning of a topic and feel part of the wider sense of togetherness in learning.  From this long-term overview, a medium-term plan of key objectives in each subject area is used to map and outline the intended learning. From this medium plan, a learning journey is outlined to model to teachers the thread of the unit. Teachers are expected to use this, alongside assessment information to ensure teaching takes account of pupils’ starting points, to form short-term weekly or daily plans. All learning is woven together to ensure that the context and purpose is clear to pupils and the driving question ensures that pupils are clear about the relevance of learning in any given unit.  Off-site opportunities will vary according to a given pupils’ interests and skills but all pupils will be given equal opportunity to positively engage with learning outside of the school environment.