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Next Steps Medical

Next Steps Medical Overview and Descriptors 
Duration1 – 4 terms (dependent on clinician advice)
Age RangeYear 5 – Year 11
Description of Pupil Profile
  • Referral evidence from an appropriate medical professional, and relevant baseline / attendance data.
  • Children and young people with a complexity of needs, including  mental health needs, who may also need an EHA, IHP or CAF in place at the outset of involvement to ensure that a multi-professional approach is maintained.
  • Pupils with the following needs can be referred:

o   those with medical / mental health needs as a primary need who are or will be absent from school for more than 15 working days (consecutive or cumulative absence due to the same illness)

o   pupils who have complex other needs but also have a secondary medical health need which is diagnosed as temporary and treatable

o   pupils who are re-integrating into school after a period of illness or injury

o   pupils who are frequently absent from school for short periods of time due to the nature of their chronic illness or following a course of treatment

Nature of PlacementDual placement with mainstream school. Attends Raedwald Trust in line with clinician advice.
Objective of the Offer
  • To support mainstream setting to identify underlying SEND needs that may support onward referrals for additional input. 
  • A co-constructed programme with home/receiving school that is targeted to address the significant barriers pupil faces to accessing a mainstream school offer. Programme will offer building blocks to help a learner either succeed in their mainstream school or move on to more specialist provision.
Transition Arrangement
  • Raedwald Trust will support young people to plan for their adulthood and secure an appropriate post-16 offer.
  • Raedwald Trust will support young people to return to their mainstream setting through careful transition support and timetable planning.