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What is the Raedwald Trust?

The Raedwald Trust is a grass roots Multi Academy Trust (a group of schools that work and collaborate together) that is singularly committed to raising outcomes and life opportunities for vulnerable children, children who have behaviours that present challenges to adults and children who have experienced exclusion.

A partnership of alternative provisions and bespoke pathways, the Trust serves children and young people requiring a different route to success.

The Raedwald Trust aims to be a centre of excellence with high expectations, positive student attitudes, good behaviour and a clear focus on raising standards and ensuring progress for all. Learning and teaching is at the heart of the Trust, with the belief that every minute should be a learning minute for students.

By fostering an ethos firmly rooted in social justice, civic values and lifelong learning, the Trust has a culture where every student feels valued and every member of staff is committed to students achieving their very best.

Angela Ransby, CEO of the Raedwald Trust said: “Across the Trust we always aim to be courageous and kind, organic but organised, look to keep children safe first (and then we teach), to stay responsive to the changing needs of our community and to provide an excellent service to schools, families and the local area.

“We also have some exciting new projects on the horizon: Medical Needs in Schools (MNIS) Suffolk is a project focused on how we can work together with the NHS and other organisations to best support our young people with medical needs.

“‘Cultural capital’ experiences are also a key priority for us. It’s important that our students have the skills, knowledge, norms and values which they can use to get ahead in education and life more generally. We also have a focus on British Sign Language at Parkside Academy which gives our students a new skill and an understanding of inclusion and diversity, as well as exposure to another language, with a fantastic teacher who is non-hearing.

“We are so proud of what the Trust has achieved, and we are excited about the future. Plans include creating a community centre on one of our sites which will deliver adult education to the adults in our childrens’ lives, to offer a food bank, to teach and reteach siblings of our children, and to offer early help in the form of services and surgeries on our sites. Ultimately we want to be the go-to Special Education Needs (SEN) hub for Ipswich.”

The Raedwald Trust is made up of nine schools across Ipswich and West Suffolk, including Parkside Academy, Westbridge Academy, Lindbergh Campus, Ipswich Hospital School, Alderwood Academy, First Base Bury St Edmunds Academy, Montgomery Road Campus, St Christopher’s Academy and First Base Ipswich Academy. It also delivers outreach services to schools across Suffolk. For more information about the Raedwald Trust or to arrange a visit, click here for contact details.