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The Raedwald Trust Student Hub

A Raedwald Trust pupil at Alderwood Academy has been trialling a remote learning system that has made learning at home a more interactive experience.

The Student Hub system involves work being shared by a teacher to a secure online folder that the pupil can then access. The teacher can add comments to documents as well as seeing how the pupil is getting on with the work in real time, adapting pupil tasks and their workload accordingly.

During the trial, any work that the pupil has found challenging in their home learning pack, has been able to be addressed through discussions on the phone and online with their teacher. The teacher uses the Student Hub to support the pupil by sharing resources, and also setting additional work for them to complete to help their understanding.

Kirsty Osborne, Teacher at Alderwood Academy has been trialling the Student Hub. Kirsty said: “The experience so far has been really lovely for both myself and the pupil.

“He really seems to be enjoying combining his home learning pack and online learning needs, and has been asking for additional work – work perhaps I might not have thought of.

“In addition to this, I believe this is exactly what he needs to keep his motivation for learning high. It is simple, bespoke with a clear framework for him to work to – anything else would be overwhelming. I was thrilled to be a part of this trial and am excited to continue to move this forward with the children.”

Following the successful trial of the Student Hub, the Raedwald Trust has started the process of rolling out this way of working to all pupils within the Raedwald Trust.

If your child is a Raedwald Trust pupil and you would like more information about Student Hub, please contact your child’s Head of School.