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Five pupils from Lindbergh Campus and Montgomery Road Campus have started working towards their Construction Level 1 course now that coronavirus lockdown restrictions have been eased.

The practical side of the pupils’ course takes place at Eastern Region Training (ERT), based in Suffolk. The pupils (who were very keen to attend), recently enjoyed an outdoors session fixing roofing tiles onto roofing battens.

ERT have gone to a lot of effort to ensure that Raedwald Trust pupils can learn in a safe environment. They have minimised the amount of people on site, put up plastic screening in the signing in area, introduced a one way system and have personal protective equipment (PPE) available for pupils on arrival. Pupils also work at independent work stations that are two metres apart.

All of the pupils who attended the recent session at ERT fully understood the reasons why the safety measures were in place, and were exceptionally respectful of the rules.

Martin Weston, Raedwald Trust External Provision Lead, said: “I would like to thank ERT for working with us to provide an interesting offer to our young people in such challenging times.

“I would also like to commend our young people for being polite, respectful and hardworking – a credit to any school.”

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