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How we manage safeguarding

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Statement of Behaviour Principles

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The Education and Inspections Act 2006 requires us to make, and from time to time review, a written statement of general principles to guide our Head Teachers in determining measures to promote positive behaviour for learning.  Practical applications of these principles are the responsibility of the Head Teacher.  this statement has been adopted by the Raedwald Trust Board as a whole, following consultation with the Head Teacher and staff at each Raedwald Trust Academy.  Pupils, parents and carers are made aware of these principles through our website and they are detailed further in our Behaviour Policy.

At the Raedwald Trust all of our relationships are underpinned by our core values and how we demonstrate these.  We have high expectations that support the development of young people as effective and responsible citizens.

The purpose of the Behaviour Policy and Statement of Principles is to encourage positive behaviours from all of our pupils so that they can engage with their education.  We work alongside pupils and parents/carers to plan individual approaches to manage these behaviours where appropriate.

We believe that:

  • Good progress is most likely with regular attendance and punctuality;
  • Academy settings are centres of learning: staff expect to teach and provide inspirational learning opportunities
  • Pupils are expected to learn to the best of their ability. This is the case for learning both within our classrooms and in the full range of alternative provision; and
  • A calm and disciplined learning environment based on mutual respect and positive relationships is the best place in which pupil progress can be achieved.

We expect every adult at the Raedwald Trust:

  • To believe all our pupils can do well;
  • To believe young people can build positive achievement within a structured framework of behaviour management;
  • To recognise behavioural norms and promotes them in a positive way;
  • To provide a consistent and clear view of what we mean by good behaviour;
  • Teach appropriate behaviour through positive interventions; and
  • To ensure that this is based on the promotion of self-esteem and self-discipline.

We expect everyone to:

  • Attend regularly;
  • Arrive at school and to lessons on time;
  • Dress in accordance with the relevant dress code;
  • Eat and drink in appropriate places;
  • Ensure that mobile phones are on silent during lessons;
  • Follow staff instructions;
  • Listen to each other carefully and with respect;
  • Do their best in work and behaviour;
  • Take part in activities and get fully involved;
  • Use appropriate language;
  • Keep hands feet and personal comments to yourself;
  • Become responsible for themselves, their group and the academy setting; and
  • Consider other people and always treat others as they wish to be treated themselves;
  • Do not intentionally damage property or resources.

We believe it is essential that staff act appropriately in order to minimise the risk of accusation of improper conduct towards a young person.  Staff set an important example.  Within the Raedwald Trust, they are the key role models for our pupils and their consistent modelling of the principles of effective and co-operative behaviour is a crucial influence.  The key relationship within each setting is that between the pupil and the class teacher, supported in a range of important ways by the support staff assigned to each individual tutor group, or to a curriculum area.


  • Intentionally minimise embarrassment and hostility;
  • Develop and maintain respect;
  • Maintain a judicious sense of humour;
  • Use appropriate, agreed assertion in a consistent, fair and calm manner.

Through these mechanisms, staff will encourage an atmosphere of mutual trust.  At the Raedwald Trust there is shared responsibility for managing pupil behaviour and all staff will work towards providing a safe, purposeful and caring environment.

Across the Raedwald Trust it is recognised that when the individual needs of young people are met, incidents of challenging behaviour can usually be kept to a minimum.  With this in mind, well-organised and well-planned lessons with clearly set and achievable tasks are the most effective means of encouraging positive behaviour.  Pupils will be assessed regularly to ensure learning is targeted to their individual needs in the most effective way.

Year 11 Attainment – Westbridge Academy 2021


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Please click here for the Raedwald Trust Careers Education Policy.

Further information about Careers Education at the Raedwald Trust can be found here, including how we meet the Gatsby Benchmarks. 

Westbridge Career Programme Of Delivery 2020-2021

This year, we are happy to be working towards the prestigious Investors in Careers award.  Across all of our age groups, there is no restriction as to how many 1:1 guidance appointments students can have over their time with us.  We also welcome parents and families to contact us for any advice or guidance they require.  The careers team is always happy to meet with you.

Westbridge Academy Gatsby Benchmarks

Year 10

During Year 10, all students are given the opportunity to take part in a one day a week learning/training experience working with employers from a range of sectors including the charitable sector.  They work on problem solving and real world tasks in a challenging and stimulating environment led by employers.  The focus is very much on developing their employ-ability skills.  They are fully supported with this through a PHSE programme which includes a focus on teamwork, communication and problem solving skills.  We also run activity based learning opportunities which support these skills.  We have ‘Workday Wednesdays’ in which local employers come into Westbridge meet with students and discuss their particular area of employment e.g. construction / ICT / retail.

Year 11

Preparation for Progression – students undergo a programme of education, information and guidance to help them make the vital decisions about their future.  Following the Preparation for Working Life Course allows students the opportunities within the PHSE lessons to learn about effective decision making, explores their options and gives support in making their applications.  It covers the full range of routes into their future including sixth form, FE College, apprenticeships and other school leaver programmes.  This is supported by 1:1 careers interviews. We link with Barclays Lifeskills and the National Apprenticeship Association to deliver up to date careers information.