Welcome to Parkside Academy

About Parkside Academy

Welcome to Parkside Academy. Our Team of teachers, teaching assistants, support staff and volunteers all collaborate and works alongside young people with significant health needs who have not always had an experience of learning that has inspired or motivated them or been easy to access. This is where our job begins. Positive, mutually respectful and trusting relationships are at the centre of our approach. We recognise each young person as an individual with hopes, dreams, talents and worries who deserves to feel a sense of belonging, to be valued and listened to.

With strong relationships, a sense of community and high aspirations and expectations as our foundation, we devise learning to suit each young person’s needs, interest and skills. Project Based Learning is our curriculum approach with our Key Stage 3 students who co-design projects with their teachers and then work together across all subjects towards common and shared outcomes which are then exhibited for all the school and our families to see and enjoy. At Key Stage 4 our young people study for, and complete a broad range of examination courses which include GCSE, BTec and Functional Skills. During this pivotal time, we also work with them to plan the next stage of their journey either to college, training or employment.

Young people who are referred to us at Parkside Academy bring with them incredible flair which many do not realise they have; our Team work tirelessly to support them to discover, develop and celebrate their talents whether musical, artistic, sporting, culinary, or dramatic to name just a few.

We hold values such as kindness, forgiveness, respect, honesty and commitment at our core as we work with each young person and their family. We strive to help every one to become the best version of themselves, enjoy personal and academic success and then plan fully for the next exciting stage of their life adventure after Parkside Academy.

We are a school family with quirks, features and characters that make us unique and different and are proud to be so.

We are always happy to welcome new visitors so do please contact us and come and find out more about us.