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New Curriculum Offer

We have a new curriculum at Raedwald Trust. Launched in September 2020, the new curriculum is modelled on a series of pathways that allow pupils to access a level of support most appropriate to their individual needs. 

Staff from across the Trust have worked collaboratively to develop the new, bespoke, Trust level curriculum. This has allowed us to share expertise and best practice from across the Trust to ensure that all pupils have access to the highest quality teaching. 

The Trust level curriculum outlines the programme of study for each subject and how this content will be delivered across the year or Key Stage. The starting point for pupils within this will be determined by their prior experience, their preferred future pathway and the point in their academic career that they join us. ​

At the heart of our curriculum offer is the knowledge that ‘curriculum’ is much more than just the academic. At Raedwald Trust, we believe passionately in a broad and balanced curriculum that also nurtures our pupils’ creative, cultural, and life skills.

Our ultimate aim is a bold, imaginative and innovative learning offer that reflects the pupils in our care, whilst also recognising their diversity and the different types of support that our children and young people may require at different points in their lives.

Ashlee Jacobs, Pedagogical Lead at The Raedwald Trust, said “Careful thought has been given to how our curriculum will prepare pupils for the next stage of life and education. 

“By working collaboratively, we have been able to share expertise and pedagogy, constructing a deep and vast ranging offer that all pupils across the Trust will benefit from.” ​

To find out more about our new curriculum model, click here.