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Launch of Medical Needs in Schools (MNIS) – Suffolk

The Medical Needs in Schools (MNIS) – Suffolk project was successfully launched online on Thursday 8th October 2020.

21 schools attended the launch and benefitted from a programme of free training on specific medical needs in order to develop their knowledge, ideas and communication around children with medical (including mental health) needs. There was a huge amount of interest in the project at the launch and we’re delighted to see how many partners wish to be involved in the project.

The core aim of the MNIS Suffolk project is to provide training, resources and a network of support for schools across Suffolk in managing medical needs within the education environment.  The project also provides a great opportunity for partner schools to benefit from a local and national network of partnership with schools, health professionals, hospital schools, and other specialist partners.

Quote from Angela Ransby, CEO of Raedwald Trust –

“Our ambition is to see this style of partnership between health and education become the norm, making it easier for schools to give every student access to high-quality learning regardless of medical need.

“Our aim is to share our knowledge and experience with schools to give them the tools and the confidence to

 help children and young people with medical needs be fully included and integrated in their school communities.”

Following the launch, partner schools will continue to benefit from a series of free workshops delivered by clinicians and specialist teachers over the course

of the Autumn Term 2020. Each school will also benefit from access to a free Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Training session through the project, which will lead to MHFA certification for one member of their staff.

It is hoped that this training will provide a lasting impact on partner schools through helping them to build capacity, gain valuable knowledge and practical

support in supporting pupils with medical needs, in compliance with DfE statutory and best practice guidance.

Training is led and delivered jointly by colleagues from the Raedwald Trust serving as MNIS – Suffolk alongside MNIS – Oxon. We are committed to supporting Children with Medical Needs in Suffolk and beyond.

For further information about the MNIS – Suffolk project, please contact