Welcome to St. Christopher’s Academy

Projects and Programmes

St. Christopher’s Academy continues to use external providers on a weekly basis to enhance the learning of our children. We have used Suffolk Wildlife Trust and their Forest Schools programme for an extended period of time owing to its success with the children. The pupils have access to Bridgewood and Foxburrow farm where they can explore nature and wildlife in our local area

We have again linked up with the RDA following their move from the Woodbridge site to their new and improved base at Clopton. These sessions provide the pupils with valuable therapeutic exercise, an opportunity to develop their social skills and a chance to build relationships with our horses and ponies.

Catch 22 will continue to deliver weekly multi-sport activities both on and off site. Catch 22 have access to a wide range of local sports facilities such as Pipers Vale Gymnastics Centre various sports centres. They have vast experience in delivering P.E in Alternate Provisions across the region.

Music is delivered by a Raedwald Trust staff member who delivers Music across several sites. These sessions combine music production using the latest ICT programmes and also access to a range of instruments and singing to create pieces of music produced by the pupils.

This year we have successfully collaborated with Headway Suffolk and their Brainy Dogs project. These sessions involve small groups of pupils working with dogs to gain work experience and learn new life skills by training the rescue dogs to provide life-changing support and become companion dogs to adults with a brain injury or a neurological condition.