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If you have a pupil who has been absent from school for 15 days either consecutively or cumulatively with the same medical/mental health condition, or who is struggling to engage with education full time, you can make a referral for educational support from the Raedwald Trust using our ‘Request for Involvement Form’ below.

Please note that our form requires signatures from the parent/carer and from the Head Teacher before you submit to us.  A charge is made for the support we offer; this is discussed when a plan is constructed.

A Raedwald Trust Admissions and Complex Case Panel meeting is convened every Wednesday to discuss all new referrals.

In all cases, referring schools are responsible for maintaining a strong relationship with their student: routes through which will happen are agreed at the start of a plan.  In all cases, the pupil remains on the roll of the school and is dual registered with an academy within the Raedwald Trust.

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The Raedwald Trust recognises its role as a data processor under the General Data Protection Regulations.  Further information can be found in our Data Protection area here.