Our Pathways


The Origins of our Curriculum

Our curriculum has been designed specifically to meet the academic and pastoral needs of our pupils. The national curriculum has been used as the basis for key areas of study.  Within our Springboard pathway and Building Pathway (Project Based), these have then been built around a central theme which provides a relevant and engaging context in which learning is set. At the heart of this central theme sits a driving question which will form the basis for the deep exploration of a topic and the culmination of each unit of study. Within our Building Pathway (Discreet Subjects), Focused Pathway and Next Steps Pathway programmes of study have been developed through careful consideration of pupil presenting needs and key curriculum areas of focus.  All aspects of our curriculum have been specifically selected by Raedwald Trust sites to ensure that the fundamental skills which pupils will require to access education and wider life are taught and embedded.

Learning objectives have been carefully mapped to allow pupils the opportunity to revisit, embed and consolidate key aspects of learning. It is intended that this will also facilitate transition between school placements by giving schools a clear view of the curriculum content for pupils during their time with us. The curriculum model has been deliberately designed to allow pupils to gradually build on key skills over time by revisiting areas of learning in greater depth and complexity.

In order to generate a sense of identity around the school, central themes within a unit of study may run parallel across some pathways. This will allow pupils to share their learning with others and to foster a sense of togetherness in learning experiences. Pupils will have the opportunity to meet a wide range of visitors and go on school visits that bring learning to life and give them a context and purpose for what they are studying.

Careful thought has been given to how our curriculum will prepare pupils for the next stage of life and education and these values are intrinsic within the planning and delivery of all teaching. Learning themes and individual lessons will include explicit opportunities to give pupils the cultural capital they are likely to require to succeed in life. Where appropriate, necessary and possible, pupils will have access to subject specialist teachers to ensure the highest quality of provision for all learners.

Teachers planning will derive from the rich and robust curriculum but will ensure that what is planned meets the learning needs of all pupils. This requires a careful use of assessment information to identify what pupils need to learn next and how they can be supported in making good progress.  The Thrive approach sits at the heart of our work around how we support pupils in developing emotionally, socially and personally. This is intrinsically woven into our curriculum as well as being explicitly linked to our PHSE programme of study.