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SEND and the Curriculum

SEND and the Curriculum

Many of the pupils who attend Raedwald Trust schools will have some degree of additional needs.

The Trust level curriculum has been developed specifically for Alternative Provision settings and, by nature, this begins to take account of the need to reengage pupils with learning and to help them see themselves as learners. It is the expectation that this curriculum model will be used as a starting point for staff to adapt their teaching and practice to ensure that all pupils can be successful. ​

Where staff are making adaptations to planning, they will take account of pupils’ Individual Learning Plan (ILP) targets, any recommendations or requirements from EHCPs and their own knowledge of how to effectively support pupils.  Teams will strive to create opportunities to celebrate the strengths and achievements of all pupils and ensure that they adhere to the SEND Code of Practice at all times. ​

Each centre has a designated SENCO and it is through these professionals staff and families should seek guidance and advice about the identification, support and assessment for pupils with SEND.