Our Curriculum

PSED and the Curriculum

Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED)

PSED is an essential and core part of children’s learning, no matter what the age. For many of the pupils that we serve, they will have missed out on securing valuable and important milestones in their personal development which impacts on their ability to interact, engage and self-regulate later on in their education and life. Left unaddressed, these gaps can manifest in ways that are damaging and prohibitive of pupils fulfilling their true potential. ​

Our approach to developing pupils in this way is: ​

  • Explicit teaching of core strands of PSED and PSHE;​
  • Implicit focus on PSED and PSHE in all that we do;​
  • A deep and purposeful value in this aspect of pupils’ development.​

Where deficits are identified for pupils in these areas, this is reflected in their Individual Learning Plan (ILP) to ensure that provision for each pupil takes account of their starting point and that their teaching diet is deliberately built around aspects that are most crucial for them to develop.