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Teacher Assessed Grades 2021

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To all students, parents and carers,

Due to the impact of Covid-19, the government has decided that the Summer 2021 exams will not go ahead as planned.  Instead, teachers will work out the students’ grades based on a range of evidence and these results will be reviewed by the exam boards before awarding the final grades.

Please find information below which gives an overview of the most important information that you need to know.  We have summarised the key points below:

How you will be assessed

  • Teachers will use their professional judgement to determine your grades and these will then be reviewed by the school before being sent to the exam board
  • The grades will be based on a variety of evidence, which will include:
  1. Records of your performance over the course of your studies
  2. Classwork, homework, coursework and / or internal assessments or mock exams, even if these were not fully completed
  3. Some new tasks and / or assessments developed by the exam boards may also be used to gather further evidence of your ability in some subjects
  • Your teachers will make sure that any reasonable adjustments are made as appropriate

Keeping you in the know

  • Your teachers will tell you which pieces of work will be used as evidence
  • If you feel any of the evidence may have been affected by personal circumstances, such as illness, you will have the chance to raise these concerns.  However, your teachers will make the final judgement about the evidence used and this will not be negotiable
  • You will not find out your teacher assessed grades until the exam board issue the GCSE results on 12th August 2021 
  • We will let you know how the results will be shared nearer the time.

Timelines and a typical student experience