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MNIS Suffolk

Our vision for the Medical Needs in Schools (MNiS) Hub is to empower staff with the confidence to support all children within their schools who are experiencing either a physical or mental health condition and to be able to choose the best approaches, including using remote technologies if appropriate, to support them.

MNiS Launch Event - Dr Erika Payne Presentation 12.11.2021

MNiS Launch Event - Kate Kingsford Presentation 12.11.2021

Applications to take part in MNiS Tier 1 and Tier 2 (details below) are to be sent to

Download the application form here. 

MNiS Tier 1 – Core Package

Sign up to promote inclusion and support young people with medical conditions in our schools.

It’s FREE for all but we do ask for your commitment and to pass on your knowledge to another partner school – peer support later in the programme if you are able.

Benefits include:

  • Full programme of training on statutory guidance to ensure compliance with DfE and best practice guidance
  • Access to Toolkits explaining conditions and giving practical ideas for supporting pupils eg CFS, Chronic Pain, Anxiety
  • Access to drop-in workshops
  • A days audit from a member of the MNiS team who will go through the Self Evaluation Form / Write Action Plan/ Support and Evaluate / Review
  • Access to MNiS consultant for support and advice
  • Benefit from a local and national network of partnership with schools, health professionals, hospital schools etc
  • Work together to share good practice; troubleshoot issues arising; share concerns; liaise with our medical professionals
  • Be fully supported in how to write a good Individual Healthcare Plan for your students
  • Have access to local medical teams for advice, information and support

MNiS Tier 2 – Extended Package

Our aim is to grow our existing MNiS network, to train 8 partner schools initially within our network to become fully skilled themselves in supporting children with medical needs within their own schools and beyond.

Benefits include:

  • All above benefits as the Tier 1 – Core Package
  • You will receive a comprehensive package of CPD based on supporting Children and Young People in Schools with their medical needs (see application form for full details)
  • You will be up-skilled in your understanding of various medical conditions such as epilepsy; anaphylaxis shock; asthma; administering medicines in schools as well as various mental health conditions.
  • You will further develop ideas and communication around children with medical needs
  • Supporting Children with Medical Conditions manual – one copy per school
  • Mental Health training Half Day Raising Awareness course (delivered by Mental Health England Accredited Trainer)
  • You will receive training in using remote technologies such as AV1 Robots and Double 3 robots to be used in the classroom for young people unable to attend their Home Schools for periods of time due to medical/mental health issues.