Welcome to Montgomery Road Campus

About Montgomery Road Campus

Welcome to Montgomery Road Campus.  We are a KS4 (14-16) school for 8 young people who have found it difficult to succeed in mainstream and some larger specialist schools.

We are a Thrive School and are committed to the whole person approach; we build learning and development around individual need.  We offer a core curriculum of GCSE’s, Functional Skills and Entry Level courses and we prepare for the future through personalised work experiences, vocational training , volunteering, work shadowing and college experiences.  We develop well-being and confidence through our offer of counselling, PSHE, music and art therapies, pupil and family outreach, school nurse sessions. Many pupils who join us arrive when they are at a point of crisis in their lives and education has stopped altogether; we provide small classes and targeted work to help pupils fill gaps in their disrupted learning journeys. Close sustained joint working with Medical and Childrens’ services is a core feature of our offer.

We are proud that all our pupils complete KS4, gain qualifications and transfer to education and training. Our target is “Noone is a NEET” (no education , employment or training) and we maintain that record.

We hope you enjoy exploring our website to find out more about our school and the Raedwald Trust.