Welcome to the Lindbergh Campus

About Lindbergh Campus

The Lindbergh Campus provides education for young people between the ages of 11 and 16.

Most of our pupils have found mainstream schools a challenge and need extra support and help to re-integrate back into a mainstream school. Sometimes older pupils may remain with us to work towards a range of qualifications in Key Stage 4.

At the Lindbergh Campus we give young people a fresh start; another chance. Our team of dedicated professionals will help pupils to learn, develop their social skills, gain in confidence and be able to take full advantage of their educational options. We will try to devise, with the pupil, a curriculum which is tailored to the individual needs – a “bespoke” curriculum.We prepare pupils for life after school by developing skills that are relevant in the workplace as well as the classroom.We consider it a privilege to be working with, and helping, young people (and their families) during a particularly challenging and difficult period in their life.

We aim to provide a nurturing environment where all our pupils feel safe, secure and enabled to learn. Our highly skilled staff provide bespoke, engaging, learning opportunities and create a positive, inclusive nature which allows our young people to reach their full potential.

Lindbergh Campus has 3 distinct areas:

  • The Induction hub for all pupils. Our pupils arrive from a large catchment area with diverse backgrounds so initially all pupils enter our induction hub. In our induction hub we aim to get to know all pupils really well and identify any support needed to enable learning to progress rapidly. Following our induction hub they then enter either the Learning hub or the Main school.
  • The Learning hub is an exciting and nurturing environment for years 7 and 8 where pupils engage in authentic project based learning.
  • The Main school is a more secondary structured environment for years 9 to 11 who combine working towards a wide range of qualifications with an extensive vocational offer.