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Project and Programmes

Our curriculum topic, Winter Wonderland, focused on understanding different aspects of winter life. Pupils were taught about animals who live in cold climates and how they have evolved to cope with this. Winter celebrations were also studied, considering how and why people around the world celebrate this time of year.

Alongside the broader curriculum pupils had the opportunity to attend a Christmas pantomime and take a back stage tour; make and market their own winter gifts, using a combination of Art, DT and computing skills. These were presented at the Alderwood Winter Fayre where the wider community was invited to the school to find out about Winter Wonderland at Alderwood. This Fayre was a great success with pupils raising £160 of money for charity.

Our curriculum topic, All About Me, is the first project that any pupil attending Alderwood will complete. It focuses on understanding each individual pupil, their journey and their needs; giving pupils a sense of a fresh start and the chance to reflect on what they want to achieve at their time in the setting. Alongside, their broad diet of curriculum subjects pupils created a self-portrait art exhibition where they hosted a whole school afternoon tea to selected guests.

Our curriciulum topic, Game Time (STEAM unit), developed pupils’ ability to work alongside one another and to follow instructions. Pupils had the chance to play and explore different existing games, working out how to express preferences appropriately. Through studying different mechanical systems within games, including those with electrical components (e.g. bulbs, buzzers and switches) they were given the opportunity to design and build their own game. Sharing this game with their peers and expert feedback from industry with a visit from a games designer. This helped pupils developed their creativity and how to communicate with a small audience, considering how to give and accept constructive feedback.

Our curriculum topic, Villains – Does Crime Pay? This historical enquiry unit explored pupils’ understanding of cause and effect, considering this in a historical context. Working alongside the PCSO and a visit from Forensic Team from Suffolk New College helped pupils understand different roles within the police force and how crimes are investigated. Pupils took part in investigating a faux crime scene based at Alderwood, where after a thorough investigation a suspect was interrogated and a whole school mock trial took place, which saw one of our own staff convicted as guilty by the our KS2 Jury!

Alderwood have successfully achieved the first stage of the Unicef UK’s Rights Respecting Schools Award, Bronze: Rights Committed. In the Spring and Summer Term 2020, we will be working towards Silver: Rights Aware, the second stage of the RRSA. As part of this, we will be organising regular Steering Group meetings to prioritise and carry out the actions we identified for our Bronze accreditation. To ensure the Award is an ongoing item it will be reviewed at staff meetings. AS a community we will be confident in knowing what it means to teach and learn ABOUT rights, THROUGH rights and FOR rights.

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